Tuesday, April 10, 2012

John's Quilt(s) are Finally Complete

[UPDATE 4/11/12: Wow, I like how the Blogger app completely rearrages the order in which I put pictures. Good grief.]

I got John's quilts finished finally. He is going to flip. Well, one he insists is "ours" even though I made it for him :-) So "our" quilt and "his" quilt are done. Mostly. His needs to go off the the quilter now, but the top is done! 

I've posted on "our" quilt before, but here is it all done, with borders. It was too big for me tro hold up and get a good picture of, so this will have to do:

This is his Quilt, from the Spoonflower Coast Guard fabric I posted about a while back: 

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