Monday, January 31, 2011

So, yeah. Not too shabby.

For YEARS I've heard how just pants-crappingly boring hand work is. Granted, I kept hearing that out of someone who simply detests doing hand work...I think there might be a correllation there! Haha. Well, I remembered back in the day (the day being like, 1993, lol) Mom making a Yo-Yo snowman quilt for her friend Anabel, and not really finishing it because, "Holy crap, yo-yo's!" So I never even considered giving it a go even BEFORE I started I did recently-ish.

So I started this beast in July 2010. And by "beast," I mean "teeny table mat." It was my first time working in wool felt or doing hand applique, and all things considered, I think I did all right. It came in a kit, that oh how conveniently, had all the stuff down to the dang needle and floss in no excuses to not finish it!

There's the one little nook in the flower petals were I was sitting there going "Well, sh!t. What the fetch am I supposed to do here?!" So, I decided to cram 2 stitches right in there. Yikes. MISTAKE. But of course, I couldn't be buggered to take the stitches out because I realized it looked ridiculous 2 petals after that. Yeah....Not undoing the last 10 stitches. Bah. :-)

That's the kit it originally came out of, above. We do have them at the shop if anyone is interested :-) But we have tons more, you know, spring, winter style ones as well.

As a complete aside, unrelated to anything, I'm sitting here watching Chelsea Lately, and a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer commercial came on...creeps me right the heck out that the guy died like a week ago and they're still playing the commericals with him in them. Creepy.

Anyway, I digress.  So yeah, disregard my [bada$$] leopard sheets...I do my best stitching (and blogging) on my bed. If I'm not working, I reserve the right to be obscenely lazy, lol. But in the picture you see what the teeny mat is supposed to look like. Pumpkins. Cute! What's that you ask? Have I finished it yet, it now being January 2011? ...*cricket noises*

So having commented that I actually enjoyed hand applique-ing...Much more than doing machine blanket stitch (I'll leave that to Carol!) ...Mom decided that she'd "give" me one of her wool projects she started in 199....*cough* and have me finish it. For being a primitive style quilt, it is really cute. I like the colors she chose! But she's always been absolutely fantastic at that (I'm serious!). But here that is. So far I've only done the bird and the flowers, but I'll get to the

I think there are 2 more rows to it. I haven't looked in a while, lol. No idea what to use as a border, if any at all. But so far, it's coming along nicely! I can't recall for the life of me what pattern it is, so before anyone

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  1. I wanna try that too! i think it would be a skill worth developig


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