Friday, March 11, 2011

The next time anyone claims that our Planet is a passive entity, I will slap them in the mouth.

I just saw on Facebook and CNN that an 8.9 magnitue earthquake (in other words, this is HUGE...Chile was just over 9 point mag.), with 10m tsunamis hitting the coast. The live feed is on CNN and it is terrible. While they are comending the Japanese people with their calmness and practice for these situations, it's just crazy. There are huge fires, infrastructure shut down, the Yen apparently plummeted according to CNN, not tot mention missing people from the quake and tsunamis.

This is a really serious situation. It is just an awful reminder that we live on a strong and living planet, not a passive and powerless rock. Plate tectonics is alive and well.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with the Japanese affected by this awful disaster. I imagine there will be many people hurting and displaced by this; while there are frequent earthquakes in the area, this magnitude doesn't happen ofetn anywhere. Keep your eyes open for quilt charities to send comfort quilts to the displaced. Links to follow.

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  1. oh, that's such a good idea! comfort quilts! a really good idea!


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