Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sunbonnet Sue Saga, Part II

This has become a MONSTER! Had I known what a huge project this would become...yeah, I still would have taken it on. I'm just being dramatic (what else is new?). I decided to halt production on my Sues in order to organize the project because quite frankly, I was getting overwhelmed by all the hundreds of pieces and fabrics flying around.

So I let my OCD side come out and play! for those of you that know me, you know I have my "Aw, screw it" side and my "Sheldon Cooper" side. I was trying to loosen up and let this quilt be serendipitous but it started to get to me in a big, big way. So I stopped trying to go against my nature and I started organizing. I cut out all my fusible pieces for each Sue, and each Sue got her own plastic sandwich baggie to live in; all the pieces are in the bag and the bag is labelled as to which Sue it is (Wales, France, Tahiti whatever). Whew. Feeling much calmer now!

So after getting that done I decided I would work on a couple new ones...this bring the count to 9 I think. Only 40 more to go! *groan*

One day I will have for real, normal lights in my house and I will have a for real camera...but until then please excuse the crappy lighting. It skews all of the colors! The background is actually really a light, cool toned gray.

Atlantis. Ariel with a seahorse! :D

Mexico. Something tells me in rural Mexico they don't carry cactuses like that.

Saudi Arabia. I was happy to get this one spot on with the clothing! That red plaid was a difficult find. Hooray for Mom's stash :D

Even still, I am finding that rooting through my 2 huge bins of scraps is giving me more headaches than making this whole thing easier, so I think I'm going to get even MORE meticulous and sort out my scraps into categories so I can actually find a skin tone or floral or whatever when I need it. You wouldn't believe how long I spend rooting around those bins for the mermaid's Ariel's tail only to find it had fallen out of the bin without me noticing. Dang it! Then I'm thinking I'll just fuse and cut everything out for each Sue and then assemble them all at once, assembly line style. That organization style worked well when I did the Bigfork Bay Wolf and Lion patterns, so I think following the same principle here will do just fine. Next time (if there is a next time...yeesh) I think I will forego the serendipity and just stick to over-organizing. Hey, whatever works, right?

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  1. Hihi, I saw you making those baggies and thought that is so us!?! ^^
    I looove the mermaid!!! Me wants the mermaid and Sherlock!!! :-*


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