Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's nothing like a new needle and a fresh rotary cutter blade.

So the last couple days I have FINALLY been able to sew. I've been working on a project for the shop since ohidontknowmaybedecember and I finally had a chance to work on it again. I got the top mostly pieced and I'm startng to get the little appliques on. It's the pattern "Freshwater" from the Australian Quilter's Companion, which has rapidly become my favorite quilting magazine...unlike Fons and Porter... :D

I don't have any pictures if the final product taken yet, which is in poart due to the fact that there is no final product yet... But I'm taking an ol' stabaroonie at blanket stitching the appliques. For those that know me, and those that don't, let me reiterate/put out there how much I HATE doing the blanket stitch. It's adorable! It's fun to look at! I love it's looks. But it takes for-freakin'-ever for my machine to do it, if it chooses to do it at all. See, I have one of those cranky "Bish please I'll do it when I feel like it" machines and it really, REALLY doesn't like to cooperate when I try to do a blanket stitch.Even though I've fixed the tension, had the timing readjusted, it just hates the blanket stitch...it'll hop over when it shouldn't, it'll skip stitches entirely...you know how it goes. But I did manage to get a fish stitched down and it looks super cute!

I can't find a picture online of the quilt itself to save my life, but I assure you it's adorable. This is the color layout. It makes more sense when the appliques are on there...in the dark blue/turquoise areas, there are 3 fish. In the orange and yellow there is an umbrella and a beach bucket and in the light blue there is a big ol' sun. It;s bright and wild and just my style! I love it. Smaller than I expected though. I'll try andupdate this post again with more (and better) pictures.

Oh and don't mind my awesome Randy Orton cup. Quilting and pro wrestling in my life go together like unicorns and glitter! :D

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