Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Darwin gets a new friend and I get to rip out stitches.

My roomate Lauren (yeah, I know) just got a new dog to keep Darwin company, and he's so FLUFFY I'm gonna die!
Say hello to Charles :-) Or Char. Or Char-Char. Or CHARMANDER! lol.

You know you live in an anthropology and science nerd house when your dogs are named Charles and Darwin. Hehehe. I love it! We call him Charlie though. He's adorable and Darwin likes him so it's a win-win. Woo hoo! Now if only we could take them sailing on a pint sized Beagle...(if you're a super nerd like me you'll get the reference...the Beagle was the ship that Darwin sailed to the Galapagos on). Aaaanyway...

So we have a bus hailing all the way from Texas coming in about a week to go to the Sisters quilt show and to visit, and after a little mishap with one of my kits, I needed to hop to it and get crackin' on another on to replace the can't-use-it-now one. So I chose to do a Thimble Blossoms pattern:

Super cute, and super simple....IF you're paying attention. Well, I read the pattern no less than 5 times. Seriously. 5 times. Apparently my information retention the past few days has been something awful because not only did I sew the wrong pieces together once, I sewed the new ones on without cutting the focus blocks down, and then had to do it a third time. I forgot to cut 2 strips for the points too. Good grief! Talk about having a case of the I've been spending more time ripping out stitches and re-cutting things than I have actually piecing! Oh the joys of quilting ;)

It's going to be really adorable though, I'm using Alexander Henry's Sew Much Fun as the large blocks, and Robert Kaufman's Sew Happy for the block points, and then an assortment of other matching prints for the neutral blocks.
Poor lighting, blah blah blah, but I assure you it's adorable. Oh, and third time's a charm, right?

It calls for a Layer Cake, but I'll level with you: I don't like Layer Cakes much. I think they're a great idea, don't get me wrong, and I do use them from time to time. But I really enjoy the process of choosing the fabrics, and I feel very limited when it comes to Layer Cakes because all of the colors are chosen for you. They're wonderful when you need a project done yesterday or if you're not wanting to go to the trouble to pick out 30 fabrics and cut them all to size (which admittedly, can be a pain), but I enjoy the process so I'd rather do it myself.

Hopefully I'll have the top pieced today so I can send it to Carol to be quilted tomorrow, or at latest, on Friday. Whew, nothing like flying by the seat of your pants!


  1. So would this Charles be any relation to the other Charles we all know & love?! He sure is cute and fluffy!! The smaller Charles of course!! ;)I love the look on his little face, he looks like the camera is going to eat him for a snack!

    Sorry to hear about you having to rip out stitches, yikes! I love all of your quilting, SO talented you are! Yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd also, I prefer dork and I'm proud of it LOL! I'm just not a super dork...yet!

  2. well, my charlie is cute and fluffy too. what a wonderful day, kisses from two different charlies ;)
    and i think it's adorable, and am kicking myself for not making you show it to me when i was over a couple of hours ago >_< jeeze i was zoned out.
    we watched Red when i got home, which made me think of you even more :)
    and quilt: as I said, adorable!
    and rereading patterns over and over. who stopped by your house today with a case of the dumb-dumbs?

  3. lol, my captcha was: nicopl and i read nincompoop! :D
    oh, dear, the crazies are here, maybe i'd better go to bed...


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