Friday, September 23, 2011

Quilts for a Cause

Okay, I'll admit, this perhaps isn't for all senses of humor. But I think this is a good cause and hilarious medium for fundraising.

The short and sweet story is that Megan Smith's brother has brain cancer, and has since early 2010. As anyone can imagine, or as anyone who has had cancer or a relative with cancer, it is a long treatment process that costs big, big money. Being the funny lady and caring sister she is, she pulled a Calendar Girls move (only with men)  and designed a 2012 calendar to help raise money for her brother's treatment with her readers (and reader's husbands) as models.

Men. Quilts. Burritos?! Read her story and see the calendar! It's great for a giggle and it's for a great cause.

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  1. Can I has for Christmas? Or shall we start our own?
    Jordan, Charlie, your dad? ;)


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