Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Double Sided Needle

Sew Oregon is in full swing and WOW have we been busy! Hello and thank you to all the wonderful shop hoppers from all over! It's been a blast visiting with you :-)

So in case you're wondering, "Hey, Lauren...why all the Halloween posts and no quilting posts?" that is because I've been so busy with store stuff I have had zero time to work on projects and get articles posted. I begrudgingly admit that the Halloween posts are getting automated and are through the end of the month, because I know I don't have a lot of time right now to dedicate to for real blogging.

Once Sew Oregon is over, Mom and I are venturing over to Houston, TX for the International Quilt Market - Waffle Houses beware! Quilts and hashbrowns...heaven? Yes. But anyway, time is so limited that my quiltiong posts are few and a bit far between this month. I'll try and get some new ones up and automate them out, but I can't promise. But I hope the Halloween stuff is entertaining and inspiring you as much as it does me!

Happy quilting, everyone!

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