Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween: DIY Costume Ideas

It's getting closer and time to figure out costumes before the last minute. These website have some really fun and unique costume ideas that won't break your budget.

These are more on the geeky side of things, from Star Wars, to Tron to Legos to iPods.

This site has links to lots of costume ideas targeted mainly toward kids, but you could extrapolate and use the ideas for your own more adult version.

These are DEFINITELY more high tech type costumes that require more monies and more time. But they look pretty spectacular!

Good ol' Martha has lots of DIY costumes for adults amd most of them are pretty cool. My costume actually came from 2011's Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine.

Thread Banger's DIY Roundup this time is all about Halloween costumes! The Rubik's Cube is pretty cool

Costume Idea Zone. Pretty self-explanitory I think.

The Fun Times Guide has LOTS of links to sweet costume ideas, even those last minute ones!

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (sounds like our blogs are a match made in the Laboratory!) shows you how to make an awesome bat costume from a broken umbrella. It sounds cheesy...but it's cute!

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