Friday, October 14, 2011

A quick project does the soul some good.

I have been SUPER stressed lately...I know, what else is new...but moreso than usual. I haven't had time to think much less sew, so needless to say all work and no sewing has made this girl rather dull. So apparently Mom took notice and hucked some fabric at me and a pattern and cried "mush!"

...actually she said something more like, "here, make this apron!" So I did. It took me 2 days, and that's only because I ran out of Bottom Line. Rat butts! Otherwise it probably only would have taken a couple hours, no biggie. The pattern is very easy and makes up real nass.

The Bistro Betty Pattern, by Busy Bee Quilt Designs. Included is the pattern for Barbecue Bob (not kidding!)

My roomate Lauren showing off the apron. But wait...

Oh yes...this baby is reversable with pockets on both sides!

Man I wish it fit me as nicely as the girl on the pattern! Still cute though :-)

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  1. Dang it! That's fabulous!!! So is that my Christmas present? I think I'm gonna have to sew today, no matter what!


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