Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How do you spell "progress?" Community College.

Well, there you have it. With Bachelor's degree in hand from a state university, I am on my way to being back in school at a community college for the beginning of my Art degree. Community colleges get a lot of flack from the academic snobitorium, but I actualy rather enjoyed my time there when I went, and in some ways I got a better education than at the University (here's looking at you, admins). But after the last post-degree year, I realized a few months ago that something has been missing from my life - a pursuit of my own passion.

Sure, I love anthropology. Don't get me wrong, I'll geek out ferociously whenever something related to it is talked about on the daily. But before I was an anth major, before I was a history major, I was an art major. That is, until I allowed my own insecurity and the backbiting beasts of the art community drag me down and steal my joy. That was when I was just enough younger than I am now as to be more easily impressioned, swayed and scared by lack of encouragement or approval of my peers. Now I understand that it's a competitive field and after my experience with advising in the anth department, I am certain I can handle whatever nonsense is hucked my way.

So, I'm starting my core classes in spring term. I want to get my basics out of the way at community college, where it's a littl emore flexible and travel isn't an issue for just the basics. Once I'm through with those, off to OSU I'll go. Though, not that I have to worry about it now (one step at a time, ladies and gents), UO has a really good textile arts program. Things to consider! Regardless, needless to say I am really pumped up, really excited and ready to rock.

I'll be documenting the journey on here, because I have a very specific, quilt-minded goal in place that this art degree is going toward. So follow me down the rabbit hole and see the journey as it unfolds. Don't worry though, this won't become the "art degree" blog...it'll still be the same quilt oriented blog as before, with a few traditional art posts sandwiched between.

Until then, with the first steps taken, I'll be looking forward to getting this adventure underway.

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  1. You know I'll follow you wherever you lead me! =)


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