Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finished a Quilt in an Afternoon? Victory!

Today was a pretty productive day! I managed to get a quilt done from this magazine. It's simple and a great way to showcase large prints.
This is their color way:
  I like it, but I was wanting a little more contrast, and looking to work with colors I don't typically (even though I love them!): Purples, pinks and teal.

This is the focus fabric I chose. It's hard to tell, but the background is actually a dark plum.
 Here's how it turned out. I'm pretty pleased! It's out of my usual red-orange-violet color way, but it looks pretty decent. And the quilt is way larger than I thought it would be. It'll be a nice throw, especially with a neat quilting edge-to-edge pattern


  1. I love it by the way! But I think I told you that when I saw it in the store today. But now that you mention the big prints thing, maybe that would be a good one for the peacock fabric? I'm not sure. It just seems way too sad to just cut it up without really showcasing the print! It's just so big. I can't figure it out

  2. I think it would make a GREAT quilt using that peacock print! The only issue would be to get the peacocks fussy cut into the large rectangles. But otherwise, it would be gorgeous especially since you have a bunch of the accompanying fabrics all ready to go with it.


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