Friday, August 3, 2012

Dorm Quilt

Whipped up another store sample...this time, a quilt made for the dorm.


  1. What happens to the shop samples once they aren't being displayed in the shop anymore?

  2. It depends on the sample, who did it and what exactly it's for. MOST of the time, whoever made the sample keeps it as their own. Sometimes the person who made it doesn't want to keep it, and before they make it they have arrangements with the shop to allow the shop to keep it for repeated use (generally when it's not a sample for the fabric, but for a popular pattern). The other thing that can happen is that it gets donated to local charities for raffle etc - this is often spur of the moment and the decision of which sample gets donated hangs on who did the sample, whether it belongs to the maker or the store and how the sample itself fits into what the charity is doing.

  3. Replies
    1. I already told you you could have it :)

  4. Yeah, I wrote this right before you texted me... >_<


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