Monday, January 28, 2013

Modern Quilt: Terrible Twinkle

Got the first 3 quilts back from Dino quilt from about a year ago (yeah, only just finished), the Tula Pink Salt Water quilt and the modern style stars quilt.

Here's what the stars quilt looks like all finished. I ended up naming it "Terrible Twinkle" which is a quilt name I've been wanting to use a while.  Long story, but the abridged version is that a few years ago, I was in an accident that pretty well destroyed my lower back.  A genius at Kings Dominion while I was on vacation in Virginia decided to put two people down a water slide at once...we met in the middle and the impact was 100% to my lumbar vertebrae.  I have never in my life been in more pain than in that moment, it was intense.  Well, after being pat on the head and sent home by the ER, I flew back home in incredible pain.  After 3 days the pain got worse and I gave in and went to the doctor, who aside from popping my leg back in joint (who knew?) gave me vicodin.  Let me preface this by saying...I hate taking pain killers. Hate. Vicodin does two things to me - makes me sick to my stomach in a big way, and makes my brain fly away, two sensations that I am not a big fan of.  Well, I got bored and went back to work the next day, but I hadn't taken the painkiller yet. I ended up in so much pain mom twisted my arm into taking the meds, and monitoring me to make sure I didn't get too ill.  So she put me in a spinny chair and had me roll around putting patterns away.  I was a total looney toon, and as I was putting the stuff away (in weird flippin' places) I misread a pattern called "Twinkle Twinkle" as "Terrible Twinkle."  I remember laughing myself even stupider, and interestingly, because I am apparently easily amused, I still think it's hilarious.  So now my wonky star quilt is called terrible twinkle.  Bravo, vicodin!

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