Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Case of the Mysterious Vanishing Quilt

I have never, ever, ever ever ever made a quilt just for me. None. So now I started making one for me.  The colors are bright, weird and garish and I LOVE them.  They are some remnants of the sales pieces from reps that didn't sell and they hated, so they gave them to me because hey, they know my taste can be a little left of center.  And it is.

I haven't been this excited about a project in a long time, because it is 100% my style, and I love every single little weirdo piece in that quilt. It clashes, and it's supposed to.  I love it because it's bizarre and there's so much for the eye to try and focus on.

So I cut these into 2.5" strips and squares, made 16 patches and 4 patches...arranged them how I wanted...

...pinned them together... and took them home from the shop to sew at home and to figure out how much black accent fabric I needed for those blank spaces... vanished. Straight up disappeared, somewhere between the shop, my car and my house.  I turned my car upside down, shook it out, found nothing.  Checked my bags, the shop, my living room, my sewing room, my yard, the bathroom...nowhere.  John looked for it.  Mom looked for it. No one found anything.  It vanished into thin air.  David Copperfield's got NOTHING on this quilt, I swear.

So apparently some UFO has floated down and stole my U.F.O. So far that's the only logical answer yet.  lol.  I'll find it eventually when I least expect it, and I'm sure it'll be somewhere completely stupid.

Next time I walk into my kitchen, it'll show up on top of the fridge. (just kidding, I already checked)

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