Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween: 17 Halloween Treats That Ruined Your Childhood

Buzzfeed is a great time killer (trust me) and this time it brings us the 17 (almost) universally hated candies that trick or treaters get...beggers can't be choosers, but let's be fair, we all had the candies we always tried to trade away because, well, gross.

I gotta say, I like Whoppers, Dots and Mr. Goodbar.  But Good and Plenty, and Necco Wafers?  Ick.  But personallyI'd add those weird peanut butter candies in the black and orange wax paper wrappers...

The absolute worst. licorice of any variety, red hots and those strawberry hard candies that are wrapped like strawberries.


But that's just me...what are your thoughts? READ ON here!

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