Friday, February 7, 2014

"An elephant never forgets" (but I almost did, about this project)

Last June when we had the fire in the warehouse behind the shop, everything kind of got scattered to the winds in the hurry to get everything out of the building safely.  Fat quarters were mixed with books, mixed with patterns, mixed with cut get the idea.  We managed to keep our programs organized, but everything else had to be re-sorted when we put the store back together.

As usual, Mom and I generally each have a few projects (samples) we're working on in the classroom.  At the time, we just had to stuff those projects in bags and get them the hell out.  I found a few of the ones I was working on, but unfortunately a few were missing.  Most of the merch was stored at my house a few blocks away, but as I ran out of room, some went to my folks' place too. I looked at her house, came up empty handed and assumed that everything was out of my house at that point so, my project was among the missing.

The other day I was neatening up my sewing room and I came across a big ziplock baggie full of blocks.  Lo and behold, there was my project, which by this point, I had just about forgotten about.  All 12 elephant blocks AND the pattern (score!) had been in my messy sewing room since June! So the other day I took them into the shop...squared them up, picked a sashing and....boom. Ready to quilt!

It'll make a cute addition to the kids' room at the shop.  Just need to reorder the pattern and there you have it.  This would be cute for a little boy or girl...or make it bigger (and not a stupid 1.5" sashing) for a grown up who likes elephants too.

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