Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Vaudeville

Holy crap, I worked on something.  This is out of the book Sensational Small Quilts...and while sensational, it's by no means "small." 

The sample in the book was red and cream, but blah, so I did purple and cream/tan to go with a vaudeville themed black and cream print I have for the border (no, I don't have a picture right at the moment).  But I am doing it scrappy style so maybe, just maybe, my purple scraps might shrink some.  And they have.  Woo!

All the blocks are done, and all I need to do is finish assembling the rows.  Three down, three to go!

I have to have it sideways on my design wall, so it really isn't wider than it is long.

Tina keeps trying to lay down on keyboard so I guess I'm done...
(yes, her under bite is so bad her tongue sticks out.  Poor sweet girl.)


  1. This caught my eye on Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday. The way your eye is drawn diagonally is really interesting! Also, I envy your purple scraps! I actually did a gray and purple quilt, but had very few purple scraps - bummer! Give Tina a pet for me - she's a cutie!

    1. This one has been really fun to do...I love the challenge of scrap quilts! I use purple A LOT so I had an overabundance...

      I sure will, she and her little buddy Toki are curled up next to me now :-)


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