Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dino Dig!

Every now and then a pattern finds its way to me more than once, and more than twice.  It's not necessarily a bad thing!  That just means that A.) I know what I like, and B.) my family and friends know what I like.

This pattern found its way to me three times. 

It's a cute pattern!  The dino on the middle right has something strange going on (a long-necked herbivore with carnivore teeth? Exsqueese me?), but overall, it's cute.  So I made it and we kitted it up.

Nevermind my face...I was vexed at shorting myself just shy of 3" of border on that one side.  Damn it. And yes, the dinos all got button eyes after it was quilted.  No eyeless dinos here!

But, I do have to brag for a minute...

THAT CORNER, Y'ALL.  It is so sharp and so clean!  So much so I had to take a picture of it, because otherwise it may not have actually happened.  (Pics, or it didn't happen!)

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