Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween: Better Worms!

Remember at Halloween parties as kids there was at some point that gross out table where you'd be blind folded, or the table contents hidden, and you'd have to reach into bowls of food and guess what it was? Or, you'd stick your hands in the bowl to feel you know, brains or bugs or whatever and it was just like, pudding?  I'm sure there is a name for this activity that isn't coming to mind....but invariably that "bowl of worms" was cold spaghetti.

But hey, you can kick the gross out up a notch by not doing the cold spaghetti....

Jello worms. Just some straws and some creatively mixed jello and you have some too-real looking worms. 

 CLICK HERE for the tutorial from Instructables. 

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