Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Sunbonnet Sue Saga, Part 1

I got a few blocks done tonight...they're taking me about an hour or so a pop. I know that sounds unreasonable just to fuse the 'Sue to the background (no stitching), but when you consider all the steps I'm taking, I guess it makes more sense - picking fabric, assembling on a pressing sheet, losing pieces, replaing pieces, then finding the lost pieces...

Little miss Holland took a while to assemble.THANK GOD for applique pressing sheets, otherwise this would have taken even longer and I would have had to re-trace a lot more. lol.

Of course, my dog Darwin had something to say about all the attention I was paying to the quilt and not to him...
That little nerd hound climbed up on my shoulder to give my color choices the puppy side-eye. And yes, for those of you wondering why my dog has such a non-doglike name, he is named after Charles Darwin...My dog is a pint sized evolutionary theorist...and his owner is a bigger nerd than previously thought.

And he REALLY didn't want me to work on these blocks tonight!

"Lauren," he seemed to say, with paw on my leg, "Dis iz uh interventions. More noms, less qwilts."
Yes, despite his position as the Chihuahua incarnation of the Charles Darwin himself, I still maintain that a dog his size automatically warrants LOLcat grammar(z). Hehe. But yes. He was sick of my nonsense.

So yeah, anyway. An hour a pop. This is giong to take forever...the final product better be cute as a dang button for all this work going into it, lol!

Sherlock 'Sue! This, obviously, is the England block. I was beyond psyched to have an excuse to use that quilter's tweed for the jacket.

This is my favorite thus far...Holland! She turned out too freakin' cute, I gotta admit. Those shoes... <3 The example in the book was kind of disappointing, honestly. I thought it was bland. This one certainly isn't! The colors are brighter than my camera phone and crappy lighting shows, lol.

Vietnam. I have to say, I'm not digging the way this one turned out. I'll leave it for now, but I may re-do it. I'm not wild about how the fan is looking. The dress basically looks like th example in the book though. I liked it enough that I kept that part...but that
Anyway...My goal is to do 3 per night. We'll see how that goes! The road to a finished Sunbonnet Sue quilt is paved with good intentions :-D


  1. Sherlock still beats them all!
    And at least your dog doesn't tell your you need to change and wear different clothes. she sat on my lap and butted my gut until i went and but on a hood she could curl into... we have bossy dogs
    but i think i agree with the fan. it looks very round all the way around. the fans like that i know taper in a bit at the bottom. but yeah, never mind me

  2. The shape I don't mind. I'm not even sure it's a fan, or umbrlla, or whatever. The pattern just calls it "folk art." lol, sure, whatever that means! I'm really uneducated when it comes to Vietnamese art and culture.

    It's definitely the color and pattern on the "folk art" that I mind. I decided it's too Japanese flavored. I think I found a fabric that will work...of course, it's not in any of my scraps. Oh well! lol.

  3. lol, of course it isn't why would it be, that would just be too convenient :D

  4. Those blocks are so adorable! I think I want to track down a copy of the book.

  5. Michelle:

    If you are in the Salem, OR area, we do have it at The Cotton Patch now so you can see it in person. If you aren't in the area, then I'm sure it's online at any of the major quilting sites. I think I have a picture of the cover of it on one of my posts...I don't have it handy so I couldn't tell you the "for-real" title or author...


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