Friday, February 11, 2011

Who says a quilter can't do some hilariously, awesomely strange stuff? No one, if they know what's good for them ^.^

So my friend Marc challenged me to make him a quilt of himself just for shiggles. Thinking he was just joking (it was a statement made while we were joking around about something...don't make me try and remember what about, lol) I teased him back, giving him the stipulation that I would only make him one IF I could do it as an applique of him doing the Steve-O, as seen on Steve-O's back tattoo.

Which if you haven't seen it is...
Any of y'all who know me in real life (as opposed to the virtual me here in the wild, weird world of the internet blogging community) know that I have a soft spot for tattoo art. Hell, I even have a tattoo. But this one? Fuggetaboutit! How just, bizarre and funny is this?!

And, apparently, I am making a quilt of my friend Marc doing this face, complete with thumbs up. Oh dear Lord. This will be epic. I don't, I KNOW...there won't be another quilt out there quite like this. Maybe for good

No, this will be hilarious. Now when will I get to this? Who the heck knows. but one day, Marc will be the proud(ish) owner of his face on a quilt. lol

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  1. Oh, my god! I CAN NOT wait to see an epic quilt like that!!!


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