Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have a wild and weird life.

It's true, I do. I've been on hiatus for a bit now because of a few surprise getting the entire carpet in my house ripped out. I never thought I had so much stuff! Oof. So I haven't done anything crafty in a couple weeks and I'm pretty sure it's driving me a little batty. Well...battier...

But remember way at the beginning of the blog I did a post on needle felting? I saw this on CNN's website today while I was reading more about this government shut down (See, I was under the impression that we elected ADULTS into Congress...not temper tantrum throwing 5 years olds, but hey, I guess I was mistaken) I saw this:

Seattle-based needle felt artist, Moxie

Her stuff is AWESOME. I absolutely love it! It's wild and weird and I definitely would love to have a piece of her work. I love the little guy with the blinking eyeball!

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  1. awesome! i want the one she won't sell, the pink trapped dudette, reminds me of myself too


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