Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maybe I should have said this you know, 2 weeks ago?

Well, you've probably noticed by now that I've been pretty darn lax on my posts...that's because I have done literally no sewing or quilting or creating or anything this month. One of my best friends is moving in (this afternoon in fact!) and I've been doing lots of home improvement type of stuff. I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, with the help of my dad and aunt got the carpets ripped everywhere excluding my room (which will happen shortly) and got all of the shorage everything halved so she has room for her stuff.

That being said I have way too much stuff. I ended up giving 13 bags and 2 bins of stuff away to Goodwill and more will be getting out of the house soon. It feels so nice to get rid of useless and needless stuff!

And it'll be nice to have one of my best friends around!

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  1. Lauren! start blogging again and inspire me to get my patootie back in gear! ;)


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