Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 (or 11) Quilty Little Secrets

I do have a WIP Wednesday post....but it has to wait until I get home around 9:30ish tonight to upload the pictures and get it posted.  So, stand by for that.  But for right now, I thought this was cool.

So I saw this through Molli Sparkles' blog, which led me to link up with 13 Spools' post.  "Quilty" secrets....they're like butts...for better or worse, we all have them.  Here are my 10ish....what are yours?  

1)  I prefer to applique than to piece.  I find that for me, most piecing is repetitive and boring and I have a very short attention span.  With applique every piece presents a different challenge, so it keeps my attention. 

2)  Mauve, sage, peach, beige and dusty blue...colors I do not choose or buy willingly.  In fact, if I have to use them, that high pitched squeal you hear is me whining about it.

3)  Choosing the fabrics is my favorite part of the entire process, and I love making weird combinations. 
4)  I run over pins and I do not give an eff.    

5)  I don't prewash my fabrics, partially out of laziness, partially because most quality fabrics nowadays seldom if ever run and I'm not terribly worried, and partially because I like the look of the quilt after it has been washed as a whole after quilting.
6)  Quilt police and quilt snobs who feel the need to provide their uninvited criticism with an air of superiority get under my skin fast.  That's not saying I don't tolerate criticism...y'all know what I'm talking about...the bragging, belitting, and oneupmanship that crops up at shows and in groups.  Ain't nobody got time for dat! 

7)  I LOVE making scrap quilts.  I prefer making those to "regular" quilts, and I will often adapt quilts that ask for yardage so that I can use my scraps.

8)  I have a ton of UFOs.  Remember that short attention span thing?  Yeah.  That is a real issue sometimes.  I do come back to them periodically.  When I feel like it.

9)  My sewing room looks like a nuclear fallout zone.  But I find I have a hard time being creative in a neat, clean, sterile space.  I gotta see my stuff everywhere like a messy museum. 

10)  I hate sewing with flannel.  Love flannel quilts, but HATE sewing with it.  It's not just the lint factor, but that stuff stretches to beat the band

As a side note, my folks were in the paper this week talking about generational quilts at the Oregon State fair.  The quilt they're showing was made by my great grandmother, for my dad...and there's polyester pants in that quilt!  CLICK HERE to see the article.  


  1. My UFOs are part of my retirement planning! I love to make scrap quilts all that matchy fabric is too store bought looking.

    1. Absolutely! My future children won't know until it's too late that those UFOs are their inheritance ;-)

      I like matchy-matchy for some things...but a variety is much more fun!


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