Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's been almost a month?!

In my defense, I've been stupidly busy.  This summer, I swear, has been one of the worst, weirdest and yet strangely, more fun summers in recent memory.  We've had two deaths and few other losses, three shop hops that (almost completely) overlapped one another...I say almost because there was a week between one and another, but the third overlapped both.  Plus the bus from Sisters and the State Fair.  And, I got the heck out of dodge last week and went on a vacation to Eastern Oregon.

Not that it needs to be said, but I'll say it anyway....VERY little sewing has been done over the past few weeks.  No WIPs, no finishes, no nothing.  I am behind on so much it's just stupid.  But hey, this week I'll be gearing up a little more.

I have a binding to put on Joey's wedding quilt, and blocks to finish on Isabelle's.  I am appliqueing the "Quilt Walk" sign for the State Fair (mom gets to quilt it), and I have a couple small projects for fall that I need to get crackin' on.

Break time is over, time to sew!

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