Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not that I'm the most diligent blogger on the face of the interwebs...

(I'm not. You and I both know it)

Well...I can't say I've been up to much other than that Halloween quilt. I have no pictures right now, but I got all but 2 of my blocks fused down; now all I need to do is blanket stitch 'em! They're turning out super cute, and I'm very pleased with them. Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted in the next couple days.

Speaking of the next couple days...

This will probably be my last post until about August 9th or so - it's VACAY, BABY! I'll be in California for 2 weeks. It's finally hit me after a year and a half of having 2 time intensive jobs, and I've been burning out pretty hard, mentally and physically. So I need a break, and a road trip with my friend Megan down to CA fits the bill. I'll come back happy, relaxed and tan (and probably with a set or two of Mickey Mouse ears). I just wish Mom was able to have an extended break too, because she needs it even more than I do. [Hey "Dante," stay OUT of the store on your days off! You're not even supposed to be here today :)]

So if I post at all, it won't be quilt'll probably be Disneyland and palm tree related. 

Until then, have a happy and safe two weeks, and keep yourself in stitches!


  1. I got you a glittery just never got sent lol


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