Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whelp, back to the ol' grindstone :-)

Hi everyone! Well, I'm back safe and sound, several shades tanner and much more relaxed. The trip was a blast! San Francisco for 3 days, Anaheim for 6 days...it was fabulous. Since I've been asked, yes, we did see famous people! We saw Joan Collins, Adam Sandler, Camille Grammer, Pauly Shore and Lisa Ling. Didn't meet any of them of course, but hey, I'll take it! While we were in Hollywood, there was the premiere for the Phineas and Ferb Movie, which is where we saw Camille Grammer and Lisa Ling, both with their armies of children.

Confession time...I actually got back on the 7th. So I have been a seriously bad blogger! In my defense, I wasn't able to sew until day before yesterday. Yep, I'm still chugging away on that Halloween quilt, so that's all there is to say, really. Halloween...wahoo!

In other news, one of the best things about working in a quilt shop is being able to take classes basically whener you want...I got myself signed up for Crazy Among Friends with Frances Jagodzinski.

You can't tell me that it's not adorable. Well, you could I suppose, but I think you'd probably be lying to yourself on that one.

I am electing to do my quilt in bright colors, I think. I thought about Christmas colors (because I have a whopping ZERO Christmas quilts...) but I don't know how I'd work the American flags in there if everything is red white and green. I'm thinking brights will be the way to go. Nothing against this primitives colorway, but it's just not my thing...love the pattern though! So if you want to make this cool quilt, take the class with me (Hey Isabelle, it starts in mid-September... :D)

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm sure I'll have more to say once I get this Halloween quilt done!


  1. briiiiiiiiiiight colors ruuuuuuuule!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    I don't think I'll be able to mid september, but maybe i'll start a class in october after my birthday :)

  2. btw, I can believe I missed this! I've been checking your blog every day, but when I refreshed it just showed that I'd read all of them, since I wasn't smart enough to see there was new august stuff >_<


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