Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ripping out stitches builds character...and also rage.

I really, REALLY need to learn to pay more attention to things when I'm sewing and not be so danged persnickety. Yeah, yeah, I know...easier said than done.

So I'm doing a quilt from a pattern called "Wednesday" (I can't find a picture of it for you but I assure you it's super cute), which is meant to showcase a large-scale print. Clearly I had to do this in Halloween...I mean, hey, even the pattern called for Halloween fabrics. You know I'm more than happy to oblige :-)

So I'm using Alexander Henry's line, The Ghastlies to make it all up. I LOVE that fabric.. That little girl with the hammer just cracks me up. But the quilt I'm doing (pictures up soon, once I rip it all out...ugh) is gray, pink, black and green. It sounds odd for Halloween, I know, but click on the link and you'll see why!

Aaaaanyway, so last night I'm just stitching away and I'm putting everything together and I realize "&*%#! The center strip is too big in a weird way!" So I'm sitting there pinning like a madwoman trying to force this pice to fit with the two  large upper and lower blocks lining up in the center of the middle block in the strip. Well sta-hoo-pid me, they weren't supposed to, and I realized this AFTER pinning, sewing and assembling the quilt to the point of having the last border halfway on.

Damn. It. Damn it. Dammit.

So, erroneously thinking I'd have a completed quilt top this afternoon to give to Frances to quilt for me, I will instead be spending my afternoon ripping out multiple looooong seams and finishing it tonight. Oh, and did I mention I cut the long sides for last border from my [very directional] border fabric last night out twice, so now I don't have enough to do the short sides without getting more fabric?

You know, perhaps I shouldn't be quilting and watching Gangland at the same time late at night. lol. Ah well, I see this as a good, patience building exercise (albeit a frustrating one!)

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  1. jack the ripper can make all your mistakes go away!
    i know what! when you finish it tonight, I'll come by after work and we'll crack open that bottle of champagne I left in your fridge and we'll get celebrated ;)


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