Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here We Go Again: The Tuesday Edition

Technology hates me. Seriously.  While my boyfriend, friends and family have a fair time with their technologies, I have a rap sheet a mile long of mishaps and mysterious breakdowns.  My phone freezes all the time and has umpteen issues, which my Dad who has the same phone just a year older, has no problems.  My tablet doesn't charge unless you tape the charging cord to the table with a piece underneath the plug in to make it higher than the tablet (and maybe do a "please freakin charge" dance), while John's is older than mine and has no issues. Sadly, the list goes on. 

Today my techno-curse reared it's ugly head and set it's malicious sights on my sewing machine. While finishing the last of the napkins for Isabelle's wedding, my machine freaked out, made a loud terrible noise, jammed with the needle down and flashed an E6 error...a motor failure of the burn out/thread tangle persuasion. I had to take off the foot, take out the needle and disassemble to figure out the problem...

If you ever wondered what the inside of your machine looks like, it looks like this:

But even after  all that, I couldn't access the fried motor because Brother, in their infinite wisdom, put it in place where, in order to access it, one must pull out all of the moving parts in front of it to get to the motor in the back...no access panel, nothing. Zilch. 

I haven't even had the machine a year!  It is going to cost more to fix it, than the value of the machine. So, once again I find myself eyeball deep in projects that need to be done NOW and in the new machine market.  Lord love a duck.

So I went to the shop to finish the napkins - hey, at least one victory - and then, when I came home  I found in front of the house, a lady yelling obscenities at NOTHING.  I get parked, get out and she starts yelling more.  I thought she was on the phone, but nope, that yelling got directed at me as I walked inside.  I watched her for a few minutes to see if she'd move on, but she didn't, just kept on coming into the yard, walking across the street into my neighbor's yard and yelling more.  As I was on the phone trying to get an officer to come down, two showed up and apprehended her.  I wonder what the real situation was...was she distraught?  High?  Crazy? 

Who knows.  All I know is it's time for some tacos de lengua and some TV.  I'll tackle the machine problem tomorrow.


  1. I am so sorry for the sewing machine issue. Hope all goes better tomorrow

  2. I adore my napkins and we got comments about them too :)

  3. I adore my napkins and we got comments about them too :)


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