Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween...

It's August and if you know me you know this is the beginning of my favorite time of year...Halloween merch is beginning to hit the stores and I am one happy camper. 

That, and it's time to get samples done for the shop for fall and Halloween.

We got a few super cute panels in, and I've finally finished the quilting on both.  One is a 13 Days of Halloween "Advent" calendar, and the other is just a cute panel....it'll be obvious as to which is which...or should I say, witch is witch!  Haha! 

This one is the Thirteen Days of Halloween...not sure what the line is called offhand.  But I did my own quilting and embellishing here, and in the second picture you can see Mom creeping around and  photobombing my picture of the display. 

And this one...I call this one "Oogie Boogie" because the pumpkins and the writing reminded me of Oogie from Nightmare Before Christmas...no idea why!  But I added ghosts made from Angelina Fiber (very fun stuff to use) and did my own quilting here too. 


  1. I love love love the Trick or Treat panel! so much cuteness. Your ghosts really make it. Those spiders with webs are after my own heart. Just darling.

    1. Wow! Talk about delayed responses, I'm sorry! Yeah, I'm a sucker for embellishments, I'm happy you like it!

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