Thursday, August 18, 2011


In regards to not paying attention to sewing a flying geese block and sewing the top shut: "Well, I MIGHT have done that once. Maybe 15 years ago." Well, Marianne Fons, I'm happy for you that you might have made a quilting mistake a whole 15 years ago. #quiltingperfection.

I suppose I ought to explain that video and how it applies to this moment of snark brought to you by OPB and Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.

Okay, so Sheldon (a main character in my favorite show, The Big Bang Theory he's a socially inept theoretical physicist known for his unwitting tactlessness  as well as his bizarre OCD-like idiosyncrasies, who according to Mom I'm "like" sometimes for the latter) is to Wil Wheaton (actor from Star Trek: Next Generation, and notoriously nice guy in real life, but plays Sheldon's arch nemesis and royal jerkface) as I am to the TV personalities of Marianne and Mary Fons - maybe they're super nice in real life like Wil Wheaton but they're just so condescending on TV and it drives me batty and makes me laugh at the same brings out the snark in my sense of humor I guess! Maybe I won't feel that way when it's been 15 years since I've erred in sewing something ;-)

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