Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is wild and weird.

What a weekend! I promise I haven't gone away. Actually, I'm working on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for this blog. It has less to do with "What do I do when [quilting problem] happens" and more to do with the general questions - copyright for quilters, what to expect when you hire someone to quilt your quilt for you, why stores do certain things, pointers about selling your quilts, questions about fabrics and sewing machines...those kinds of things. It's taking a while to answer all the questions and then make sure I've covered all the bases by cross referencing my answers and citing where needed.  So look for that within the next few days!

Otherwise, we had our Second Saturday Block of the Month this weekend, which is always a fun and busy few days so I've been laying low and hanging out after work. No blogging for this girl! Oh, and those 2 quilts I posted about earlier, the sewing one and the leopard print one? The wonderful Carol got them quilted for me and they look FAB. Loretta also got my Booville quilt back to me and it looks pretty dang awesome too - she quilted bats on favorite <3. I'm about to get a tablerunner done and then it's on to the pumpkin/acorn/fall leaves behemoth. That thing is huge! I'll post about it later - I'll be completely honest, I can't even remember what the book is called that the pattern is in. Whoops.

On another note, we'll know the results of mom's cardiology tests tomorrow and so that means we'll know if this is going to be a surgery or meds kind of situation. As much as I hate seeing her react to meds, I think it's a preferable option to surgery. Dad's having some work done tomorrow too so...lots of positive vibes thattaway please!

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  1. I'm here for you if you need me any time of the day or night!


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