Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh. My. God.

I'm just sitting here watching "A Haunting" and I decided to check my e-mail. The quilting editor at Craft Gossip, Scarlett, sent me an email letting me know they featured my Color Theory article and I definitely squealed! My roomate thought something was wrong, lol. My blog just got featured on Craft Gossip's quilting page! Woo hoo!!!

 If you're new to my blog, then I will say I've been a huge fan of Craft Gossip's website for a couple years now and I use the projects on there quite a lot. Actually, I have a draft of a post linking my Top 5 Favorite Quilt Blogs and theirs is #1. It's got everything under the crafty sun, which is great if you like everything... Seriously, check out Craft Gossip's site and I know you'll enjoy it!

Visit Craft Gossip to see their post on my Color Theory article.

Thanks Scarlett!


  1. That's because you sweat awesome!

  2. Craft Gossip lured me your way... congrats. Looking backwards to catch up on your past postings!


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