Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween: Free Stitchery Pattern

Well, I can't post a picture of this because of Copyright settings on the JMD website (which of course is fine) but this cute little wallhanging says "Having Nothing to Stitch is Scary!" ....and it's right!

CLICK HERE to see the quilt, and CLICK HERE for the pattern PDF.

Pattern is by Janet M. Davies for JMD Designs in New Zealand. Great project, Janet - thank you for sharing!


  1. Free pattern for my birthday :)

  2. lol yes! We'll just go with "I meant to do that." ...I may or may not have the 31 days of halloween posts automated through October 10th...

  3. ;) you liar! I was wondering why they all posted at exactly midnight :)

  4. lol. Yeah, I have the scheduled so they'll go out daily, and sometimes earlier if I get to blogging before the scheduled post. Don't hate me because I'm efficient :P


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