Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Yard Decor

This weekend my roomate and I went out and got pumpkins and began decorating for our Halloween party inside the house and out. We really had our work cut out for us but we blasted through it and it looks great! I'm so excited!

First we set off to find pumpkins and we found this awesome place in Gervais called Another Pumpkin Patch (left; go to their Facebook HERE) and they are absolutely the best! They donate 100% to Famers Ending Hunger and Marion Polk Food Share.  

We walked away with 10 small gourds, 1 large gourd, 4 white pumpkins, 4 large orange pumpkins, a red pumpkin and 2 grey pumpkins for $35. This is only a little over half of what we got. A big THANK YOU to Molly at Another Pumpkin Patch for doing what she does!

As you saw above, the weather was kind of, well, Oregon-esque. Cool, grey and damp. But a few hours later it cleared up and I have to say, few things out in the world are prettier than a bright, crisp blue fall sky and the bright orange, red and green leaves.

So my roomate had bought some hologrpahic ornaments to put in the tree. They're little gravestones...cool idea!

Some decorating had been done all ready, like these spiderwebs and giant spiders...I learned later that our across the street neightbor is terrified of spiders. Whoops. Well, I guess you can't win 'em all.

Skeleton brides and grooms, gravestones...I'm contemplating putting some fabric/balloon ghosts out there. I think we have something like 10 gravestones total out there.

The white pumpkins we thought would look nicer painted than carved. So I got bored the other night whatching re-runs and decided to paint a damask bat on one. The damask didn't work out as well as I hoped so I opted for lacy instead. I'm pretty happy with the results!

Another shot of the white pumpkin. I thought a painted stem and spiderwebs would look neat. My roomate suggested using it as a centerpiece on our snack table. I do have a pumpkin stand, so I think she's right!

Well, that's it for now. I'll post more pictures after we get back from Houston. Everyone's costumes are coming right along and the inside of the house is looking nice and spooky. Our neighbors and passers by were giving my roomate and I weird looks because we were out in the driveway destorying a set of old curtains...we burned holes in them, ripped them, dragged them through the dirt and gravel, and sprayed with with fake blood. Our house is going to be a haunted house! Woo! Boy, I love Halloween time :-)


  1. I'm so psyched! I hope I'm healthy by then!

  2. Love the spider web idea! So doing this


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