Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Pattern Designers (in no particular order)

1. BJ Designs
BJ Designs is my all time favorite pattern company. She meshes realism with whimsy, and it's predominantly applique which is my favorite quilting method. Her animals are so neat - I've done the Kangaroo, Bear and the Elephant. There are more than just animals, she offers holiday and miscellaneous patterns too. The neat thing about BJ is that she is interested to see your version of her pattern. A customer of ours had commented to her that someone at our shop had done 2 of her quilts as samples and she was very interested in seeing how it went! I sent her the photos and got a response back from her too, which I thought was really nice!

2. Bigfork Bay
Bigfork Bay walks the line between whimiscal and realistic, and I love them both. Their pieced quilts are fantastic, but I much prefer thier realistic animal patterns. Big surprise, huh? The realistic ones are a challenge, but the outcome is SO worth it. So far I've conquered the lion and the wolf, but I'd love to work on the puffins and the tiger too. They have lots of horse patterns as well, and lots of deer too. They give their animals such neat names too, that you hardly feel inclinded to name your own quilt. Check out the rest of their patterns here. Plus, they also sell kits to their patterns so if you like what you see, you can make it as close as possible!

3. MountainPeek Creations
MountainPeek is one of my go-to pattern companies for when I want something to make that focuses more on showcasing incredible fabrics and that goes reasonably quickly. They are fantastic! Though many of the patterns are pretty simple, they are very impactful based on what gets used to make them. They do Fat Quarter and Pre-Cut focused patterns too, so they really cater to all. I love their Shadowbox pattern, and it is perfect for those last little bits of focus prints you have laying around. I'd link to everything, but the way their website is set up, t's not condusive to linking. So click the MountainPeek link above and have a look!

4. Quilt Woman
Out Blank Rep turned me on to this pattern company and boy do they have it all - quilt patterns, bag patterns, clothing patterns, even beginner specific patterns! Plus they also go a lot for the AccuQuilt system, so if you have one of those bad boys, Quilt Woman has patterns designed specially for that piece of wonderful equipment. Here there really is something for every quilter and stitcher alike. One of my very Favorite patterns is "Flying for Nitwits" which is, you guessed it, a Halloween quilt!

5. Briarwood Cottage
The Booville quilt made me a believer! Once I saw (and made, pictures will be up soon) that quilt, I started looking into the rest of their stuff and it is great! They have Block of the Month quilts as well as wallhangings and the like, but I really am partial to their Block of the Month style stuff. The sizes are manageable and they are really versatile for all styles of fabric.

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