Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 24 Days of Christmas: iPad Case

Photo Courtesy of Fresh Lemons Quilts

Isabelle, this one is for you...well, and all the other lucky duck iPad owners out there. Make your very own iPad case out of your favorite fabric. You can stabilize it just about as much or as little as you'd like. What I like about this pattern, is that it closes completely - so many iPad and Kindle patterns are open on one end to slide the thing in there, and I know I'm a klutz and a nervous Nellie so I'd want this sucker to close right up. Hooray for zippers! This pattern could easily be modified to suit non-Apple pads as well as the various brands of E-Readers. CLICK HERE to get to the tutorial and thank you to Faith for sharing!


  1. Haha, is this what I'm getting for Christmas?

    Btw, love the new captioning and layout! So true: rotary cutters at the ready, mad gleam in our eyes and our helpless fabric victims quivering in fear on our cutting mats... >_<

  2. lol, no it's not what you're getting. I figured you'd want to make one though!

    Thanks! I loved it too :D


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