Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 24 Days of Christmas: Pincushion Threadcatcher

Photo Courtesy of K Quilts Studio

Here is a neat gift idea for the quilter who has it all. Fine, so everyone has their own way of doing things at home, but how great would this be to take to classes? Your pins are right there and you don't have to worrry about making a mess around your sewing machine while you're in the classroom (hey, some people do worry about those things), because there's a little bin attached for your threads, pieces of fusible, snipped dog ears, or whatever you're needing to throw away. The process of making one of these little guys is actually pretty easy and once again, it doesn't require a lot of fabric you can probably use what you've all ready got! Bonus there, huh? CLICK HERE to the the pattern and tutorial - there is amore printer-friendly version available on her page. Thanks to Karen for sharing!

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