Friday, December 9, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 24 Days of Christmas: Sewing Machine Organizer and Catchall

Photo Courtesy of Mellebug

While this makes a great gift...I can honestly say I'd make one for myself just because of how sleek it is. I find most sewing machine organizers a little bulky and in my way, but this one is pretty slick. I love that it has a space for the pattern you're working on in there, to keep it ready for when youneed it, but out of the way. It's just another gift that's perfect for the quilter who has it all! Besides, most folks don't think to make this kind of thing for themselves, so why not do it for them? CLICK HERE for the pattern and tutorial (very well done, by the way!). Thanks to "Mellebug" for sharing!

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