Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What kind of trouble have I got myself into?

With all the other not-so-positive stuff going on in life right now (don't worry, family's fine, relationship is fine, shop is fine, no one's dying) in my personal life, I've decided to take a nice, head-long running leap back into quilting. Heck, if you can't manage to make lemonade, bury yourself in projects and make quilts instead. An hour with my sewing machine and it seems like most of the things on my mind melt away. Some people choose exercise, some people choose spending sprees, some people choose booze...I choose quilting. Quilting is the best therapy out there! Well, if you're a quilter anyway :-)

Here's one of the projects I've been doing. It's a pattern from Metropolitan Quilts, a local (well, up in West Linn, but close enough!) pattern company. I LOVE their stuff! Seriously, go and have a click on the link there and take a lookie at those patterns. How cool are those? Mom picked up this owl one for me at Schenck's when she was there last week: [A Note about Photo Quality: Now that my roomate moved out, I have a sewing room again. The downside to that thought is the lighting is atrocious. C'est la vie!]

Wow. Dark! I promise it's a bright and lively quilt. Verrrry cute. And verrrrry big.

I chose to do mine on a grey background instead of white. Because hey, this is Oregon, no matter what the season, there's greyness and raininess here. But I was happy with how it turned out. The only complaint I have is there there was no notation that on the non-symetrical pieces, it didn't say that they needed to be reversed to look like the cover pattern. I learned that with the swirls (about half of them should have been reversed to go different ways) and the lines on the large tree (the angles don't work if you don't reverse the applique, so I just cut mine to fit and make them shorter on the tree, whatever). But it still looks great and the pattern was really concise.  Once I get the timing on my Bernina fixed, I'll applique it. I'd use my Simplicity, but it bit the dust (RIP!). I'm using a colorful stripe for the binding...should turn out great!

I finished another quilt, but apparently I didn'ttake pictures even though I remember having taken them...I'll post those later.

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  1. Ooh, squeeeee! I lurve it! But I think I already told you that in person. :) btw, gimme owls!


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