Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning...Organize ALL THE THINGS!

It always sounds so much more exciting as a meme.

The last few weeks have been spent, well, doing exactly that. My house somehow managed to transform into a disaster zone right under my nose, so that needed to be tackled in thee worst way. As I got things straightened out, more than once I'd pick up a piece of yardage, a scrap, a black or two, a book, a pattern, some fusible pieces and wonder to myself "JHC...how did that get there?" I guess that's just the way of living as a quilter...quilting stuff managed to get everywhere. I'm still in the process of going through stuff and moving it from my sewing dungeon into my proper sewing room, which has turned out to be a far greater undertaking than I figured it would be at the onset. Apparently, I have a LOT of quilting and craft crap. So I'm just going through things and trying to emancipate myself from the heaps of things I don't need and don't use...not just quyilt stuff either, I mean I started going all out so everything has been getting gutted. Interestingly, I have managed to squeeze in a little sewing time in between. John's quilt came back from Frances and I just got the binding sewn on it yesterday. T-Minus 4 days to get that beast bound and ready for him to see on Friday!

But I'm not the only one...Mom even caught the bug and has been gutting her sewing room and side rooms as well, and enlisted my help. So I've been going over there on days off we have in common (you know, Sundays) and some evenings to help her get things gone through and organized. To be completely honest, I hadn't ven thought about it because I was more like "....I don't even know how to approach this..." when it came to getting things organized, but it turns out that helping her organize her sewing room translates to her giving me a TON of quilting stuff. We're only halfways done and I went home with 4 bags and a box of fabric and books, plus over 150 magazines to root through. Crazy! So we were going through and it was funny because it because apparent just how much she loves certain pieces...Once we thought we had all of the cut goods squared away, we kept finding the odd jelly roll or charm pack stuffed away with other fabric. I'd laugh and she'd say "What?! I like fabric!" I'm glad I've got the spare time to help because like my undertaking at my house, hers is quite the chore as well and I know she wants to get it done ASAP and with running the shop there's no way she could get it all square by herself. It is just the icing on the cake that I ended up with a chunk of her unwanted stash too, and I'm happy now that we have that kind of thing to share with each other (quilting and fabric appreciation, I mean). I don't have a huge stash like hers, but I did tell her that I have tons of Halloween fabric she can use for her next Bones Boys quilt. It's not much compared to what she gave me but hey, it's the best I got.

But as far as projects go, I have a ton going and I'm gonna have to just take the time to get some pictures taken and uploaded, but I did get some older ones done...they just need to get bound. Ugh...binding. Almost there!

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  1. Jelly rolls for me?
    And I do appreciate the awesome books and magazines! I read a few at work :)


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