Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Quilt

I got suckered in to making a baby quilt...and my first t-shirt quilt. Suckered isn't right...my friend Sarah asked and I said yes, mainly because I have no problem saying "no" to grown ups but I am absolutely incapable of denying an infant pretty much anything (within reason of course).

So I go over to her house and she literally hands me a bag of onesies to make a quilt out of.  What did I get myself into?  I have never made a t-shirt quilt, what thee proper hell am I going to do with these 30,000 onesies?  Make a quilt of course!  I took as many as were useable (meaning, the design wasn't a quarter inch from the seams etc), stabilized them and then cut them all as close to 7" as possible.

There were some REALLY cute ones in there. I love the T-Rex!

Since not all of them could be cut to 7", I had to make them bigger. These are the fabrics I chose to add to the too-small blocks.

Blocks done!

Quilt top, done!

The border fabric is better than anything I could have asked for. I love it when a plan comes together!

It's off at quilting now.  I showed Sarah, and she loved it! I'm really glad. After the last baby blanket I made for a friend, I stopped doing them because of how coldly it was received...I still never see it in pictures being used or anything, and so the fact that a quilt I made for their child has gone unappreciated hurt.  Luckily Sarah and her husband Casey love the quilt and I know their baby will too as he gets older.  Feels good to do good for a friend :-)


  1. hi

    none of your pistures show up on my computer.
    All I get are little red xxxxxxx

  2. yeah, I'm not able to see the pictures either, they won't load. :(
    And I'm an adult and would love a quilt from you to death, silly pie!

  3. Hmm...They are showing up on my computer and when I go in to edit...I'll get in there, delete them and reinsert them...hopefully it'll help!


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