Saturday, February 2, 2013

Strip Race Quilt

Whelp....this is the first and last quilt fad I test out. About a year ago, everyone and their dogs were doing these strip race quilts using 2.5" strips. One Jellyroll could get you a decent sized lap quilt.  It worked by sewing all the strips end to end in one long strip...fold in half, cut on fold, sew long seam, lather rinse repeat until the quilt is the right size. Allegedly this technique yields a quilt top (sans borders) in an hour.

So the finished products look neat, but not only is mine taking more than an hour (maybe people don't iron between seams?) but it is completely boring work...long, straight seam, iron, cut, long straight seam, iron, cut, long straight seam...I hate repetitive work like cops hate robbers.

The quilt itself though looks nice. I used a Bali Batiks strip set in the Spumoni colorway, which is comprised of teals, greens, rusts, blues, and golds. I might double it, despite the repetition, simply because this strip set looks awesome with my bedroom walls and curtains and our bed is a Queen size.  Luckily I have 2 strip packs!

Pictures up when I'm significantly longer than one hour.

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