Wednesday, May 15, 2013

International Quilt PORTLAND!!!

I love my job working in a quilt shop, and it's awesome just about always, but is absurdly cool.

I'm going to the Spring International Quilt Market in Portland tomorrow through Sunday. 

I'm only a little excited. 

I went to Market in Houston  a year and a half ago, and it was amazing:

This isn't even a quarter of what was there. 

That was Fall Market, which is always in Houston...great for easy access to Waffle House hash browns (don't EVEN get me started!) but not so great on travel convenience.  But luckily for us in the Northwest, Spring Market moves around and this year it is in Portland.  I'll miss the hash browns, but it's going to be great being so close! 

Once Market is all over with, I'll have a nice long post of pictures, news and cool stuff on here, but if you want live posts of what's happening, go "Like" The Cotton Patch's Facebook and see what we're seeing! 

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