Thursday, August 1, 2013

Workie Work, Busy Bee

It feels SO weird that it is August 1st, under 80 degrees and cloudy.  John is gone for the Douglas Complex Fire down near Roseburg, so I've had some time to get projects done.  I have a backlog of 6 samples I need to get done for the shop, pronto style.

And it feels extra weird that in August, all of the samples I have to complete are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Well...Halloween always feels normal, but I am about to finish a Christmas quilt and I'm like..."does not's freakin' August..."

Pictures up soon, once I get them taken.

AND, for those at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting in July, the pattern for the pink and green "Tripping Down the Rabbit Hole" quilt will be ready to order soon...update on that next week!

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