Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New Goals

So the ball drops in a little under 45 minutes and this is the time we all take to reflect on the past year and to make goals for the new year.  So was 2013 a good year? I guess good is subjective - it had its ups and downs.  I don't generally get too personal on here, but here we go.

What did I learn in 2013? I discovered that I enjoy the challenge of scrap quilting, and I've made several and have several in the works for when I have time.  I have become more confident in my work and my know how at my job outside of the quilt store.  The hardships of this year definitively taught me who my real friends are and that not all the people who call themselves friends turned out to be the swell folks they played themselves out to be.  I realized that I chose the wrong major and that maybe it might be time to go back and fix that.   I also realized that I haven't taken care of myself mentally, emotionally or physically the way I should, and its time to get my life back on track.

So what are my goals for 2014?
1. I will be taking more time to take care of myself - from seeking help for my struggles with anxiety, to being more physically active, to making an effort to slow down and enjoy my little bits of downtime more constructively.

2. I want to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

3. I will master the curved seam. I will.

4. I want to focus on finishing or retooling old UFOs. If I love them, I want to try and finish them.  If I'm not so wild about them, then I want to try and rework them to make them what I want to be. Will I get through them all? Probably not, but I want to make a better effort.

5. I will work on saying "No" when I need to, and realizing that i have the same right to say "no" like everyone else without feeling super guilty.

So here is to a happier and healthier 2014 - I hope the new year brings you all the happiness you deserve! I hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year's Eve!


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    1. Yes, we do! It's been way too long. I've been a hermit for a few years now lol


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