Monday, January 6, 2014

Attic Window Scrap Quilt

I needed another project like I needed a hole in the head, but well, making half-assed attempts at clearing out your sewing room will do that I suppose! I was going through scraps and ran across my favorite pieces.  I have NO idea what line they are, or even which company.  A few years ago a rep gave me some of their strike offs since the fabric wasn't available anymore.  Boy, I wish I had asked so I knew where I could fin yardage online!  I've made another quilt (well...UFO) our of these pieces and these squares are all I had left, just about.  Talk about precious scraps!

But I saw a "cheater" (ie, no miters or y-seams) attic window block on Pinterest and it was perfect for these pieces.  I cut my stuff out and claimed (erroneously) that I had no intention to start it for a while, I just wanted to make sure I had enough of what I needed.  Well...whoops. I got home and started piecing it, thinking, well, I'll just do the blocks and put them away for later. Whoops. The rows are almost all pieced together and I'm looking for borders to make it a little larger.

 Beware, it's a bright and bold eyeful, but I love it!

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