Monday, January 13, 2014

The Ol' "Learning Curve"

As you kno, 2 of my goals were, 1. to finish up old UFOs, and 2. to learn how to do curved seams.  So watched an episode of Fons andPorter (I was desperate) and some online tutorials.

Basically, it was a lot of..."Try it," they said.  "It's easy, just use lots of pins," they said. "You'll love it!"

Pins? Check. 

Results? Barfaroni and cheese!

Sure, it was my first, but my second, third and fourth (even after using a fancy pants ruler to help with accuracy) weren't a hell of a lot better. 

Since I want to finish this damn BOM, I might just applique the curves on...because I have to do four of these pieces and my first see the damage. 

Curved piecing, you may have wont his battle, but you haven't won the war!

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