Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day, Sew Day - Psychedelic Turd

Salem has called a "chains or snow tires only" day, so that means we're homebound for now.  9" total with a change of freezing rain later! So other than sew, what do you do?

 Snow angels 

Now, before anyone says anything about the name of the quilt, it was inspired by this song...and if you mishear the "Psychadelic Furs" lyric the way I did when I heard it for the first time, and once you see the quilt, you'll understand why.

Behind the Music - The Vandals

I can't remember which pattern this came from (so hey, if anyone recognizes the pattern...), because I started this 4-5 years ago too, but I was way too into this bright fabric and it's a little overpowering, but weirdly I still like it.

Here is what I started with.  NO idea why two sides have a black border and the other two don't, but whatever.  I wasn't planning on taking it apart to put new black pieces on (I don't have the original fabric anyhow).  But about wonky!  It was warped from ironing when I should have pressed, and my quarter inch seams were iffy at best.  But it held together just fine so I kept it as is.

All I did was finish the pink borders (originally only the top and bottom pieces were attached) and add the green one.  I figured how could it get any brighter and any more garish?  It's a psychedelic does that saying go?  If you paint a turd gold, it's still a turd? Something like that.  Well, either way, it's fitting. (And I can hear a handful of y'all from all the way over here..."how many more times is this girl going to say 'turd'?" Probably a few more times.  It's a little funny.)

Another one for the "ready to quilt, someday" pile.

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